Remittance & Forex – Cash-in/Cash-out

Disruptive online & offline money transfer services utilizing:


Cloud & Automation Technology

User friendly front-end: App, web & customer support

Robust back-end: Automated AML & KYC + Risk Analysis & Fraud Mitigation system

Numerous Value Added Services that are relevant to overseas workers, domestic and international remitters and their beneficiaries

Customers can directly pay for their property loans, insurance, bills & more / Gives more control on their remittances

Designed to add new product & services easily / No coding required

Our unique way of expanding to other geographic markets by integrating our platform with leadership partners in their prospective markets

Partners will have the ability to utilize a proprietary technology, associated   licenses and compliance expertise

The geographic and demographic advantages of an ASEAN/OCEANIA operational hub to serve as the linchpin to spearhead LYNX global operations provides a true differentiator and competitive advantage for the Pan-Global Financial network Ecosystem

Money Transfer Operator (MTOs)

Money transfer operators (MTOs) are facilitators of international payment transactions. The IMF provides a clear definition of what these entities are:

“Money transfer operators (MTOs) are financial companies (but usually not banks) engaged in cross border transfer of funds using either their internal system or access to another cross-border banking network”

Role of MTOs Within the Chain of International Payments


Source: Exchange Rate IQ

The Global Cash Movement Opportunity

Despite adoption of digital payment methods, the use of CASH continues to grow

United States

Cash usage has grown  by 5% pa for 20 years


54% of value of all  transactions in 2019

Middle East

80% of all  transactions are cash


Grown by 46% over past 5 years

Globally, the equivalent to US$7.6 trillion cash is in circulation – In 40 of 42 major economies/ from Europe and Asia to Latin America and the United States – the growth of cash in circulation outpaced economic growth over the last 10 years

Globally 230m private sector employees were paid in cash in 2019. (World Bank) / Without  a bank account, cash still often can dominate localized emerging market economies

Lynx’s platform transacts cash in-cash-out internationally and provides digital currency without the need for a bank account