Marketplaces and



Bloomkit by LYNX provides a multi-sided global marketplace platform with a set of building blocks and flexible APIs offering any merchant the turnkey marketing and payments infrastructure necessary to conduct Ecommerce on a worldwide scale

Bloomkit by LYNX is a powerful conduit to transact between buyers and sellers – whether big or small, local or global, it is the ONLY solution any merchant will ever need

A Global Marketplace Solution for International Buyers and Sellers

Buyers and sellers come from many different countries – expand into new geographies by plugging your marketplace into LYNX’s global transactional infrastructure

On-demand & Delivery

Buyers can pay merchants, contractors, or any supplier within your marketplace, globally from day one

Clothing, Textiles, General Wares, Gaming, Digital Goods & Content

Facilitate payments and cash out activities for peer-to-peer, consumers, buyers and sellers

Manage your Platform

Report transactions across your platform and keep track of activity and participants

Onboard Business Sellers

Option for us to handle KYC and compliance requirements for business entities who sell on your platform.

Payout Recipients & Sellers

Route funds, timed transfers and send programmatic payouts through traditional rails or leverage the global nature and near-instant settlement capabilities of stable coins.

How is a Marketplace Different from a Online Store?

Multi-Seller Platform

Provides the whole pack of features for buyer and seller interaction

Provides order processing flow, payment and shipping services as well

Wide user base hence large number of visits

More trusted by customers

Usually offers buyer and customer protection programs

Sellers may choose the business model/membership plan they prefer (basic membership plans are mostly free)

Sales model options vary (fixed sales, auction, mixed sales, etc.)

Can be applied to any sphere like social networking

Sellers may use dropshipping, thus having no product in their physical store

Single Seller Platform

Seller has to take care of store functionality

Seller has to handle everything from order processing to payments and shipping integration

Seller needs to attract customers to the store, perform SEO, arrange promotional campaign, etc.

Customer trust needs to be built from scratch

Has no specific policies

Seller to constantly invest in the store (development, maintenance, SEO, etc.)

Sales model is mostly fixed sales

Is applied to sales of products and sometimes services

Usually have products in stock somewhere, though also use dropshipping as an option

Global E-commerce Platform

Remove payment barriers – whether local or global/ With simple one-click and mobile options, subscription billing,  account updater and decline recovery features, easily capture and monetize every user payment opportunity

Globally Connected

One integration offers access to solutions worldwide, enabling success no matter where business is targeted/ Improve conversions and reduce fraud risk/ Access to over 150 currencies and a multitude of alternative payment methods can help increase approvals, minimize cross-border fees and make the transaction experience frictionless

Seamless Integration

A singularly Hosted Payment Page (HPP) provides fast setup, and built-in protective measures/ Custom embedded secured checkout protocols and server-to-server applications are available for robust customization and control

Modular & Scalable

Simply connect to our gateway and be able to add powerful merchant services on demand, including Smart Transaction Routing, Auto Account Updater, Fraud Protection Suite, Tokenization and Chargeback Management

Control how funds flow in your Marketplace

Facilitate payments from buyers and payout sellers on your platform – offer direct settlement to seller accounts and many more flexible funds flows

Accept global payments with BLOOMKIT by LYNX CONVERGENCE

Leverage a variety of different payment methods across traditional and digital dollar rails






Integrated into all Bloomkit sites is LYNX CONVERGENCE allowing customers to pay with a gamet of traditional and digital payment options without ever leaving the merchant marketplace


Point of Sale

For customers that prefer face to face when purchasing from merchants, BloomKit’s LYNX CONVERGENCE POS system not only enables sales transactions with tracking, but also will provide merchants with a glimpse into customer history, preferences and personal information


Crypto - Currency

As digital and cyptocurrency payments continue their prevalence, it is the proprietary LYNX CONVERGENCE blockchain payment solution that drives the BloomKit marketplace digital payment functionalities with turnkey multi-currency wallet capabilities to effectively conduct and transact whether with FIAT/Crypto, or a blend thereof


Credit Cards

Even with the rapid adoption of new alternative currency payment methods, traditionally based FIAT transactions still dominate the world of digital transactions both off and online/ the Bloomkit marketplace by LYNX CONVERGENCE seamlessly integrates credit cards and prepaid (debit) cards seamlessly to the integrated wallet


Business Management

Many unique scenarios need always be considered in the overall design of building a successful website/ The beauty of BloomKit is that each of the available baseline template themes is built from the directive of application of principals of proper website design. While the UI (user interface) is certainly important, it is in the UX (user experience), where success will truly be found – This is where the sensibility of BloomKit’s marketplace platform shines


Simplicity in a Dashboard - Only the Exact Tools for the Job

The benefit of developing custom software is simplicity/ When using traditional Ecommerce solutions often many other features that are unnecessary are present requiring significant time-consuming modification of existing features/With BloomKit tools developed exactly for specific merchant industry applications give backend and frontend users streamlined processes to work with


Effectively Manage and Maintain Inventory

An Inventory Management Dashboard defining inventory, order management and purchasing capabilities that streamline supply chain processes/ With real-time demand planning, total visibility across the product life cycle & procure to pay process, with integration into your key back-end processes/ Optimize product attributes, standardize the backend/ track accordingly and enable client product notifications highlighting premier merchant products and services


User Experience


Understanding how a user discovers a new product is vital to ensuring their satisfaction/ Bloomkit is designed to deliver the ultimate website user experience and continually improve client satisfaction no matter how they choose to utilize the marketplace

Modular Operation


Website building blocks although offering unique functionalities must perform in perfect unison/ BloomKit’s versatile marketplace ensures that user and merchant experiences are streamlined, the various sets of tools required are inherent,  and the overall site construction is performed with specific objectives at hand

Enhanced Security


User and merchant analytical information is invaluable and malicious attempts could be dispatched to capture such data/ Security is not negotiable – Bloomkit websites use best practices throughout to prevent such hacks from occurring with standardized SSL encryption and enhanced firewall and anti-malware features to keep data from being compromised