A Pan-Global Digital Financial Infrastructure Hub

The LYNX CONVERGENCE proprietary technology suite integrates into a powerful network of payments, API’s and banking infrastructure products in a singular unified Digital Banking platform

Universal Unification

LYNX CONVERGENCE singularly streamlines the typical need to a multitude of complex relationships

LYNX provides a turnkey global solution to the specific needs of merchants, banking and crypto clients – it allows for complete  interoperability and management of banking, deposits, buying/selling, exchange, custody and digital assets in  one place

Digital Banking

“A digital banking platform is a robust omnichannel framework that allows banks and financial institutions to streamline and control all their digital customer experiences. Digital banking platforms serve as the basis for a digital bank and allow banks to offer customers innovative digital products and services. The Global Digital Banking Platform Market is expected to reach $9 billion by 2026, rising at a market growth of 16% CAGR,” (as reported by Research and Markets in August 2020)

Market Drivers

Changing customer behavior

Soaring investment in fintech

Rising adoption of mobile & digital payment solutions

Demand for global, not just local banking

Pressure for simple “financial hubs"

LYNX CONVERGENCE is the technology layer that connects the services of the Lynx conglomerate into a single streamlined point of integration where any global or local enterprise can connect to access the Lynx ecosystem.  This technology layer will seamlessly manage and facilitate all fiat, cryptocurrency and digital asset transaction types.  One rail to pay with any type of currency, receive and form of payment in any type of currency all as part of the same transaction.  (within the regulatory requirements of each jurisdiction)

Markers for Digitization

5 Fundamentals of Digital Banking Development



The time-to-market is decreased in time



The priorities and objectives follow the market tendencies



Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery practices and paralleling



Integration, UI/UX, business process



Readiness to make risky decisions

Digital Banking Drivers






A Proprietary Digital Network Ecosystem

Network effects create value and moat

Efficient customer acquisition tool

Fuel zero-costing funding strategy

Beachhead product for portfolio of services

Enables multiple growth vector

The value of our network increases with each incremental participant and  broadens the opportunity for further adoption of an inclusive financial infrastructure

Network Effects Create Multiple Avenues for Growth

The network effects of the LYNX CONVERGENCE reinforces the strength of its product offerings, and creates a platform to launch new technology and innovative solutions for our B2B, financial institution or EMI partners

***Digital assets are subject to a number of risks, including price volatility. Transacting in digital assets could result in significant losses and may not be suitable for some consumers. Digital asset markets and exchanges are not regulated with the same controls or customer protections available with other forms of financial products and are subject to an evolving regulatory environment. Digital assets do not typically have legal tender status and are not covered by deposit protection insurance. The past performance of a digital asset is not a guide to future performance, nor is it a reliable indicator of future results or performance.